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Current situation of Chinese construction waterproof material

The new building waterproof materials are usually divided into six categories, namely: polymer modified asphalt waterproofing materials, synthetic polymer waterproofing materials, waterproofing coating, building sealing materials, rigid waterproofing and plugging water stop material and special waterproof material.
In our country since the 50 s application of asphalt felt coil, asphalt waterproof material has become the leading product of building waterproof materials in our country, whether it's variety, quality, or production get rapid development. New waterproof material proportion of overall structure in China, still in asphalt waterproof material as the main product, but with modified asphalt is given priority to, accounting for about 70% of the total waterproof materials, polymer waterproofing materials account for about 10%, about 20% waterproof coating and waterproof material.
Asphalt-base waterproof rolling materials mainly include asphalt paper tire felt and high polymer modified asphalt waterproof rolling material.
The production of asphalt felt in our country is decreasing year by year, because the national industrial policy limits the development of this product, and now the sales volume has been very small.
The petroleum asphalt felt in China began to be used in the early 1950s, and the annual output in 1958 reached 190 million m2. By the early 1980s, the production of asphalt paper tire felt increased to 530 million m2. With the reform and opening up, the oil industry and the rapid development of construction industry, linoleum production enterprises through technical innovation, improve the production ability of oxidation asphalt, by 1995, asphalt paper tire linoleum production has 1.22 billion 2. Because paper tire linoleum construction application is still in use for many years of tradition, with hot drain yukon hoof fat as a bonding material, the heat in the hoof fat hot melt process and operation have environmental pollution, for environmental and safety reasons, in recent years, some provinces and cities have to prohibit use paper tire linoleum construction within the city, at the same time with polymer modified asphalt waterproofing materials to replace the paper
High polymer modified asphalt waterproof rolling material mainly includes SBS, APP (APAO) as high polymer modified asphalt waterproof rolling material, and the tire base is mainly polyester and fiberglass. Modified asphalt waterproofing materials in our country is currently the fastest growing new waterproof material, since the mid - 80 - s in our country have introduced more than a dozen production lines from abroad, technology and equipment level are greatly improved, the introduction of line production capacity of about 080 million m2; The domestic development and development of the modified asphalt waterproof rolling material production line with an annual output of more than 2 million has been built up to over 200 pieces, and the annual production capacity is about 400 million m2, with each production capacity of 2 million m2. At present, the production capacity of polymer modified asphalt waterproof rolling material can reach up to 480 million m2. But the new waterproof material began to develop and develop.
In China, there are 3 production lines of colored asphalt and dozens of domestic production lines, and the annual sales volume is over 30 million m2, and the increase is expected to be larger this year.
With the deepening of the reform and opening up in China, urban construction rapid development, China's "ping changed slope" policy first in Shanghai to get the promotion, the buildings on both sides of the viaduct in Shanghai the first implementation of the "ping changed slope", after the modification of the roof of the beautiful, thermal insulation, no water seepage, changed the urban landscape." The roofing material of flat grade slope is made of asphalt felt tile and cement concrete tile. Beautiful because asphalt linoleum tile, qualitative light, easy to transport, installation, and the waterproof performance is good wait for a characteristic, in recent years in our country, Shanghai, ningbo, Qingdao, dalian, tianjin and other coastal cities has been widely used. The asphalt felt tile implements the national building materials industry standard "linoleum tile" jc503-1992, this standard has been issued for many years, some content and index cannot adapt to the development of the current production and construction application, because.
In the ninety s, the United States owens corning company asphalt tile products widely applied in our country, especially in Shanghai "ping changed slope" engineering application is more, the company in August 18, 2004 in jiangyin city, jiangsu province economic development zone investment construction asphalt linoleum tile production line. In the past few years Shanghai construction waterproof material group company introduced foreign linoleum tile production line, now annual output is nearly 2 million m2. Other 囯 tianjin YuGong waterproof material within the company's products not only in domestic sales, also in the international market, the Beijing ding Michael chan building waterproof materials co., LTD., Texas 2-ring company, weifang hongyuan waterproof, and suzhou keck waterproofing company, zhejiang xiangshan cape building materials such as asphalt linoleum tile products manufactured by enterprises in the quality is good, the user's welcome deeply by the market. With the increase in the volume,
Our country's high polymer waterproofing materials mainly include epdm, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), chlorinated polyethylene, chlorinated polyethylene rubber blend, rubber blend, three yuan ding b, reclaimed rubber, geomembrane anti-seepage coil, such as polyethylene polypropylene fiber waterproof coiled material.

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Current situation of Chinese construction waterproof material

The new building waterproof materials are usually divided into six categories, namely: polymer modified asphalt waterproofing materials, synthetic polymer waterproofing materials, waterproofing coating, building sealing materials, rigid waterproofing and plugging water stop material and special waterproof material.

Common sense of building waterproof rolling materials

Building waterproofing materials are mainly used for building wall, roof, and tunnel, road, the place such as landfill, resist the outside rain, groundwater seepage of a flexible roll into flexible building materials products, as a foundation for engineering and no leakage connection between buildings, is the first barrier of the engineering of waterproof, plays an vital role in the whole project. The product is mainly asphalt waterproof rolling material and polymer waterproof rolling material. Asphalt waterproof rolling material has elastomer (SBS) modified asphalt waterproof rolling material, plastic body (APP) modified asphalt waterproof rolling material, asphalt composite flexible waterproof rolling material. Elastomer (SBS) modified asphalt waterproofing materials, plastic body (APP) modified asphalt waterproof coiled material is polyester tires or fiberglass base, asphalt compound tyres base makings, flexible waterproofing materials in asphalt is tire body with two kinds of composite material, composed mostly of chemical fiber cloth with high alkali glass fiber grid cloth composite, dip coating, mildew resistance, water resistance, durability is poor, so the service life is short, it is mainly used for some temporary buildings or fortification level requirement is not high. In addition to SBS coil, any asphalt waterproof rolling material made of any modified asphalt, tire base and upper surface material shall not be labeled as "SBS". I. packaging identification. The above three materials are not very different from the appearance, so the first thing to look at is the packaging and labeling. It must be indicated on the logo: production name, mark, product mark, production date or batch number, production license number, storage and transportation precautions. Each coil shall be marked and marked in strict accordance with national standards. At the same time, note that the storage period of the coil is generally not more than one year. II. Look at the fetal base. It can be used to determine whether the matrix is consistent with the mark, whether it is fully saturated and meets the requirements of the standard. The fetus should not have unsaturated white marks or light spots. Polyester tyres are very hard to tear and break, and the asphalt and foetus have good affinity. However, the asphalt composite tire is easy to tear open, and the love of the foetus can be observed. III. 3. Determination through physical performance test. The material with 0.8m cutting is tested according to the standard physical and mechanical properties, and the standard requirement is the qualified product.

Performance and use of butyl tape

At present, the use of waterproofing binder bonding, metal pressure plate, PC board and other supporting materials of civil structure roofing, metal board face seal waterproof engineering, butyl seal tape has played a very important role. Below, introduce the construction method of steel structure waterproof.