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Chlorinated polyethylene waterproof membrane

1. Good comprehensive waterproofing performance. After blending modification of chlorinated polyethylene and rubber, both of them have the dual properties of plastics and rubber. 2. It has good high temperature and low temperature performance. Its high and low temperature performance is good when the service temperature is between 40 ~80 ~C. 3. It has good cohesiveness and flame retardancy. The existence of chlorine atoms in chlorinated polyethylene resin with chlorine content of 30%-40% makes the coil bond well.



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  • Construction process:

    1. Weather resistance, excellent aging performance, long service life, theoretically up to 50 years.

    2. It has high tensile strength, high elongation, strong adaptability to base expansion or cracking, and little shrinkage deformation at the level.

    3. Using matching rubber cement slurry binder, it can be constructed not only on wet foundation, but also on dry foundation, forming a complete waterproof body.

    This system fundamentally solves the problem of building waterproofing system failure caused by water channeling.

    4. Cement-based bonding can be used for cold construction on the base surface which exceeds 8% of water content or as long as there is no open water. It is easy to operate, wide adaptability and base surface.

    It does not need smoothness, and is convenient to achieve the target quantity of work better in basement and large-scale engineering construction, speed up the construction progress, and avoid delaying the construction period. It is one to two times faster than the construction speed of common waterproof membrane.

    Because of the use of "gasoline" as the dispersing medium of EPDM, bonded with rubber cement slurry, solvent-free, non-toxic and pollution-free, it is a green environmental protection product.

    Scope of application

    This waterproofing membrane can be used for single-layer waterproofing and cold construction. It is suitable for the roof waterproofing of prefabricated, cast-in-situ industries and civil buildings in the South and north, as well as the waterproofing works of underground projects, bathrooms, toilets, moisture-proof and leakage-proof, bridges, tunnels, dams and other buildings, especially for the high-grade waterproofing works of buildings of Class 1 and Class II.