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Current situation of Chinese construction waterproof material

The new building waterproof materials are usually divided into six categories, namely: polymer modified asphalt waterproofing materials, synthetic polymer waterproofing materials, waterproofing coating, building sealing materials, rigid waterproofing and plugging water stop material and special waterproof material.


Common sense of building waterproof rolling materials

Building waterproofing materials are mainly used for building wall, roof, and tunnel, road, the place such as landfill, resist the outside rain, groundwater seepage of a flexible roll into flexible building materials products, as a foundation for engineering and no leakage connection between buildings, is the first barrier of the engineering of waterproof, plays an vital role in the whole project. The product is mainly asphalt waterproof rolling material and polymer waterproof rolling material. Asphalt waterproof rolling material has elastomer (SBS) modified asphalt waterproof rolling material, plastic body (APP) modified asphalt waterproof rolling material, asphalt composite flexible waterproof rolling material. Elastomer (SBS) modified asphalt waterproofing materials, plastic body (APP) modified asphalt waterproof coiled material is polyester tires or fiberglass base, asphalt compound tyres base makings, flexible waterproofing materials in asphalt is tire body with two kinds of composite material, composed mostly of chemical fiber cloth with high alkali glass fiber grid cloth composite, dip coating, mildew resistance, water resistance, durability is poor, so the service life is short, it is mainly used for some temporary buildings or fortification level requirement is not high. In addition to SBS coil, any asphalt waterproof rolling material made of any modified asphalt, tire base and upper surface material shall not be labeled as "SBS". I. packaging identification. The above three materials are not very different from the appearance, so the first thing to look at is the packaging and labeling. It must be indicated on the logo: production name, mark, product mark, production date or batch number, production license number, storage and transportation precautions. Each coil shall be marked and marked in strict accordance with national standards. At the same time, note that the storage period of the coil is generally not more than one year. II. Look at the fetal base. It can be used to determine whether the matrix is consistent with the mark, whether it is fully saturated and meets the requirements of the standard. The fetus should not have unsaturated white marks or light spots. Polyester tyres are very hard to tear and break, and the asphalt and foetus have good affinity. However, the asphalt composite tire is easy to tear open, and the love of the foetus can be observed. III. 3. Determination through physical performance test. The material with 0.8m cutting is tested according to the standard physical and mechanical properties, and the standard requirement is the qualified product.


Performance and use of butyl tape

At present, the use of waterproofing binder bonding, metal pressure plate, PC board and other supporting materials of civil structure roofing, metal board face seal waterproof engineering, butyl seal tape has played a very important role. Below, introduce the construction method of steel structure waterproof.


The price of asphalt has risen, and what are the waterproof rolling materials waiting for

Since the reform and opening up, the waterproof industry has mushroomed with real estate. However, because the waterproof industry belongs to the light asset industry, the entry threshold is low, the quality of waterproof products in the market is uneven, and it has the characteristics of low market concentration. Unlike other building materials industries, the top 50 companies in the water industry account for only about 23% of the market, far from the top 10 in the cement industry. This also means that the waterproofing industry, to a certain extent, has no real giant enterprises to regulate the market and lead the development of the market.


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